Mastering Services:

Costs: $100/per song
You should submit a 50% deposit to start the process. The balance is due before final output delivery.

You submit your audio files from the mix engineer, or a CDR. containing your song mixes.
If your mix engineer would like to know what formats to mix at, just ask me. Here's are some popular formats:

thumb drive,
Aif or Wav: 44.1khz/24bit
Aif or Wav: 48khz/24bit
Aif or Wav: 44.1khz/32 bit float
Aif or Wav: 48khz/32 bit float

The sample rate (khz), can be higher. 88.2khz or 96khz are popular.
You should not submit your audio files in mp3, AAC or any other compressed format.

You will want to submit a few other songs (in cd quality format) that you like and are similar to what you want your product to sound like.

Studio Mastering:

The studio will prep and setup your master session and email you with any questions. Generally, your mastered songs will be posted to a share folder online. You can download the files, play them, burn CDR.'s and review them. Play them on as many systems and places you can. You should keep a log and write down any notes as you listen. Send email feedback about your songs. I will also setup a google doc to share with you. This will have places for you to type comments about your songs.
In the google doc, you will need to submit:

Disk Title
Song Names
Genre for the album
EAN/UPC Code if you have one
ISRC code if you plan on digital distribution
Any comments for internal use
Comments on song pauses
Comments about fade ins/outs
Please double check spelling and capitalization.

Mastering usually takes a week or 2. I will email you every time I have something for you to review. Check your email frequently.

The mastering output:

CDR Redbook Master: Used for listening and submitting to replication or duplication company. You can also burn copy's of this CDR.

DDP: A special format for submitting to replication or duplication company. Please do not try to open these files, unless you have software that can read it. Don't alter it in any way. ***If you submit your project to a rep/dupe company with DDP, you SHOULD get a ref master from them to evaluate, BEFORE having many made. Doing this, you will be listening to the actual product they make for you.

Audio Files: Audio files can be put on thumb drive, cd-rom, hard drive, online etc. You can open these files and play or burn them. But don't alter them or click save and overwrite the original unless you understand what you're doing.

AAC Plus: These are encoded audio files in the same format as iTunes. Use these to listen how they will sound when someone downloads them from iTunes.

Only for your reference, not to be submitted to any music sites. If you would like these, request them.

MP3 high quality: These files are for your reference only. They are high quality sound files that will sound better than a typical download or cd rip. They are usually used by you, for the initial review of the masters from the studio.

Once you have approved the on-line masters, you will receive a CDR master and cue sheet though the mail. Play this master through to the end and go to each song and play. Make sure all the start and end points are correct for the CD tracks. If not, Contact me asap.

After you approve the Master CDR, you will get any other formats you require for your submission to rep/dupe company's. Please ask for your other formats or discuss it with me.

When you approve the CDR master from the studio, you should complete payment online or mail a check. This will facilitate your final output products. Then you're on to the replication/duplication company. You should submit your audio and a copy of the cue sheet (if applicable) to the rep/dupe company. The cue sheet has the studio info in case the company has questions about your master. If you don't send the cue sheet, include my contact info. brp at starfleetaudio dot com


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