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What services do you offer?

Audio Production:
Tracking- Professionally recording the performance.
Editing- Manipulating the recording to enhance/correct it.
Mixing- Balancing the tracks to get great sounding mix.
Mastering-Let us bring your mixes the final distance!

What Instruments are at the studio?

The studio has a Kawai 6' Grand Piano, Vintage 1945 Hammond CV organ with leslie, 76 note MIDI controller keyboard, many synths and samplers. Various percussion instruments.Guitar Amp simulators.

Do you offer location recording?

Yes, the studio offers location recording services. Many choir's, orchestra's, bands and solo artists have enjoyed location recording from us. Email today to find out if your concert date is available!

Do you offer video editing?

No, the studio does not offer video recording or editing. We're all audio here! That doesn't mean you can't bring a camera or video guy alone! In fact we can recommend some real pro's, just ask!

Do you promote bands/Artists?

The studio is not involved in promotion, although if you do a project with us, we will most likely plug it online!

Can you transfer audio from vinyl/cassette tape or reel to reel to CDR or thumb drive?

We can do vinyl transfers, and even clean up the program so it sounds better! We don't do audio cassette or reel to reel. But we can recommend a pro that does, just ask!

Does the studio have a phone patch or ISDN?

Yes and no. Phone patches or video meets are used for producers and directors that are physically too far away to attend a session. The studio is able to send/receive an audio tap from the phone system. We do not have ISDN.


How much will it cost?

You should email me at brp--at--starfleetaudio dot com

Ill send you the information sheet. It has all the costs and guidelines of the studio. Scheduling questions can be emailed as well. To give you an idea of costs, the studio is billed by the hour and is in the $60 per hour range. Mastering is $100 per song, complete with redbook master CD,Cue List and all required file types to sell your music online..

What other apps are at the studio?

The studio has CD mastering and burning apps, Many synths and samplers including ones from Native Instruments, Thousands of dollars of top quality plugins including Fabfilter, BX, Waves, Analysis plugins.

Do you offer CD duplication?

The studio does not offer cd duplication.

Do you have musicians available?

Yes, Brad plays piano and keyboards, and can sequence MIDI tracks. If you need other musicians, there are many local players that will exceed your expectations! We've worked with most of 'em!

If I track at home, can I bring the tracks to you for edit, mix and/or master?

Absolutely! We do a lot of that. We can enhance your tracks in ways we think you'll love! Try a tune with us and find out!

Can you professionally edit/tune one track for my home project?

Absolutely! You don't even have to come to the studio! Just share your audio file with us, and say what you want to do with it! BAM--It's beamed right back to you sounding better than ever!










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