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Kimberley Dahme-Something We Do
Kimberley Dahme-Jet Lag City

Kimberley Dahme-From her "You Make Me Believe" CD. She plays in The band "Boston", and is a Solo Artist. Tracked some Tenor sax parts. 2009. Kim is one of the sweetest gals you'll ever meet! Incredible talent! Click to buy this CD!

Stephen LeClaire-Sorry We're Open

Tracked,mixed and mastered. Includes incredible talent including former Joe Cocker Backing Vocalists Janice Singleton Huges, Maxine Green Sharp, Guitarist Cliff Goodwin, drummer John Riley, Bassist Wolf Ginandas, Tornado Alley Horns. Buy it here!

Valvatross-Soul Revival

The band Valvatross includes the Tornado Alley Horns and members from Albatross. This one has a video, check it out here!

A Better Fall-Changes

The now defunked band "A Better Fall" (spinoff name from Fall Out Boy. A fun listen!

Fran Reagan

Fran is an awesome song writer/singer. So many songs came out great, thru many years of recording. Here's few of my fav's. Fran's albums are here!

Angel Colin-Un Nuevo

Angel has a nice vocal quality and has brought some great tracks to the studio over the years!

Dr. Chris VanKleeck-Viagra

Just the looney mind of Dr. VanKleeck! Brings a smile to my face! I adore working with him!

Jim and Dick Odgren-Bossamba
Jim and Dick Odgren-Blues to John B

Bob Simonelli-bass, Eric Nebia-Drums. The best jazz around. Dick was a mentor to me at Berklee and beyond!

Chet Williamson-Peg

Chet plays chromatic harp. Absolutely amazing musician.

Jay Tyer-Metacomet

Jay's been a great friend thru the years, Super talented jazz guitarist.

Russon Brothers Jazz Quintet

Enjoy some of the top jazz players in this region!

Clark Bars-All Star
Interstate Eight-Higher and Higher

Fabulous a Cappella group from Clark University.
Another a Cappella group of the fairer side.

Worcester State U-a Cappella
Worcester State U-Georgia On My Mind
Worcester State U-Halleluia

Dr. Christie Nigro directs this talented group.
Chamber Singers
and accomp. by Orchestra in Halleluia.

Fred Frabotta-Wagner

Fred is a fabulous Tenor. Rich in tone and talent. Love working with Fred and Ilana!

Jane Shivick

Voice Soprano. Whoa, she's top gal 'round here! Look for her performances in the Worcester and surrounding area!

Richard Benoit-Fife and Drum

This was a challenging project. Rich is a great person to work with!

Real Story Group-Music for Video

They needed just a little ID music for headers/footers and breaks.

Radio Advertising-Various Spots

Here I take the sources and assemble all of it for radio broadcast. And a little "dilithiem crystal" secret processing to make it sound better than all the rest. ;-)

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