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Hi, my name is Brad Pierce. I offer training held online, at your location and/or in the studio.
For Musicians, singers, home audio enthusiast or anyone interested in audio production.
Get the knowledge you need to succeed in making professional sounding recordings today!
Start with the basics and work up to complex mixing and mastering.

Did you go out and get Pro Tools?

It's the powerful standard that many pros are using to produce music. It's true, but there's a difference. the pros have the intimate knowledge of how to use it. Without it, you'll get marginal results, and lot's of frustration.

Does this happen with you?

---->Constantly referencing the manual, not really understanding what you're reading?

---->Going online and surf for hours just to find the answer to the questions you have?

---->The magic process of making music stops over and over because you don't understand Pro Tools?

---->You're just not sure how to get the sound in your head to happen with the tools you have?

----> Just wishing you had someone you could contact and ask your questions?

You're not alone!

Study with me!

You'll get all this and more. With a little effort on your part, you'll be producing your music at warp speed!

You have the option to come to the studio once a week to discuss issues that come up, see how pro mixes are setup, listen to your projects, get analysis of your mixes and music, get answers to all your questions, and hear your music in a designed control room! Even if you can't make it to the studio, remote meetings will be scheduled for for one on one learning.

If you tore right in to Pro Tools without going thru the entire manual, you probably missed some really important stuff. Stuff that comes up and frustrates you. Don't be frustrated, study Pro Tools with me! You'll be on your way to managing and using your Pro Tools system like a pro!

Imagine yourself making more music and being more efficient on your DAW!

The first thing you need to do is contact me. Go to the contact page!

After you sign up for PT lessons we can start right away!

You can pay your tuition by cash, check, card or Paypal. It's easy!

You'll be on your way to learning all the necessary stuff you need, and minimal extra stuff you don't.

You'll need your own DAW setup at home so you can work on the assignments we do.

Please contact me via the contact page!

Start your path to making music with confidence and proficiency!